Do You Suspect Domestic Violence in Alabama?

Perhaps your daughter has been going through an Alabama divorce, and you noticed strange bruises on her arms and legs the last time you got together. Or maybe your child came home crying after a disconcerting encounter with his step-father.Man's hands hold kid's handful

You believe that MAYBE domestic violence occurred. What can you do?

Tragically, many people freeze. That is, they don’t do anything. Perhaps they’re humiliated by the allegations. Perhaps they feel like it’s “none of their business,” and so they refuse to get involved out of a sense of decorum. Perhaps they think the accuser may have been “hysterical” or “embellishing.” Perhaps they want to protect the potential perpetrator.

Domestic violence cases are complex because the allegations can be so subjective. In some cases, clear, concrete evidence demonstrates culpability one way or the other. But in many cases, the situation comes down to one person’s word against another person’s word.

Domestic violence events can also force us out of our comfortable “paradigms.” They can change the way we think about our loved ones. For instance, maybe you love your husband, despite all his flaws. So you don’t want to see him go to jail for striking you while drunk. Instead of doing something or saying something to the police, you stay quiet to protect him. It takes courage to break out of old ways of thinking about the person who hit you or your kids.

You need safe, reliable insight into your options, so that you can make better decisions. Call Board Certified Alabama family law attorney, Jennifer Rose, immediately, to get the compassionate, attentive help you need.

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