Dealing with Hurtful Comments about Your Mixed Marriage Divorce

If you and your spouse recently split up a mixed marriage in Alabama, you may face annoying, hurtful comments from friends and relatives about the relationship.attractive and ambitious businesswoman

Whether you are a Protestant man who married a Catholic woman or an African-American woman who married a Latino man, you and your spouse came from different backgrounds. You want the world to understand your situation for what it is: a separation between two people who, for whatever reason, just couldn’t make it work, as opposed to a broader statement about cultural, ethnic or religious politics.

So how can you deal with the “I told you so’s” in your life — the people who never believed in your marriage because of its mixed nature?

First and foremost, strive for compassion for yourself, for your spouse and for your children. Protect your feelings and your needs, and do your best to avoid hurtful talk.

Also, avoid trying to “change people’s minds” about the situation. Just like your relationship really isn’t any of their business, their absurd beliefs aren’t yours to change. To the extent that you can, treat people with compassion. Perhaps they grew up during a different era and/or got culturally brainwashed. They may never be able to understand your point of view and what you are going through.

Finally, get the help you need and deserve. Call a Board Certified family law specialist with the Rose Law Firm immediately for help with child custody, divorce negotiations, or other critical questions about your case.

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