Waking Up at Night Confused After Divorce

Once you’ve retained an attorney, and you’ve started to process what to do (and what not to do) about your Alabama divorce or child custody case, you’re still going to encounter “information overload” challenges. Tug of War1

For instance, even after you’ve retained a lawyer, you may find yourself jolted awake at night with questions for him or her. You might see something on the news that concerns you about your case. You might leave a meeting or a hearing or feeling uncertain or confused about a particular point. Your ex-husband or wife may say or do things that make you frustrated/angry. And so forth. All these elements of confusion can create a kind of backlog, which can make it harder for you to concentrate on your life, relationships, finances, etc.

To get handle on these issues, as they arise, get in the habit of writing down your questions and concerns on a piece of paper or in a file that you keep for this purpose. When you get a chance to speak with your attorney, you can rattle off all of your concerns in a coherent, rapid fashion and thus “clear the queue” of these concerns without racking up tons of legal fees, wasting your attorney’s time or running yourself ragged.

This process will also help you feel more in control on a day-to-day basis. Instead of spending your time worrying (fruitlessly) about what to make of your ex-husband’s recently bizarre Facebook posts, just write down “ask Attorney Rose about Facebook posts,” and be comforted that you will get a good answer in short order. Once the brain knows that you’re “on it,” it will let go and allow you to concentrate on other things.
To that end, please call attorney Jennifer Rose at the Rose Law Firm right now to set up a consultation. As a Board Certified Alabama family law specialist, Jennifer Rose is a true expert in her field; she can give you the comprehensive guidance you need to succeed.

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