Good Enough Versus “Best” Solutions to Your Divorce Problems

In today’s final post on how to deal with information overload, as it pertains to Alabama divorces, child custody battles, and other family law questions, we will touch on something that’s deeply important: the difference between seeking optimal solutions and seeking “good enough” solutions to your divorce-related problems.denial

With nearly infinite information at your fingertips via the web, you may believe that, with enough research, you could find “best” solutions for questions about how to manage child custody; how to improve your body after divorce; how to find a new relationship; how to fix your relationships with your kids, etc.

Truth be told, you can make significant progress on all these different fronts. The problem is that this kind of optimization comes with a cost. You can never optimize everything in your life — or even in the domain of Alabama divorce. There are too many variables and too many different “sub projects.” If you try to choose the best path, instead of the “good enough” path, every time, you will wind up frozen and doing nothing. Information overload will permanently paralyze you.

Instead, think about your problems from a “good enough” perspective.

For instance, let’s say there is a big flood in your area. Do you need to leave the United States and head to Nepal to climb Mount Everest to avoid the flood? After all, Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth; it is probably the least likely point to be flooded. Obviously not — you just need to get “high enough” to avoid drowning and to protect your possessions. In fact, the very act of seeking the highest point on Earth would be destructive, because you would have to sacrifice so much (pointlessly) to make the trip.
Along those lines, whenever you confront information overload regarding your divorce or anything else, ask yourself: what’s “good enough”? What’s the minimum you need to do to achieve your goals and protect your interests? For instance, do you need to talk to every single Board Certified Alabama family law specialist in the state? Or will just one do?
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