Domestic Violence – Has It Happened to You?

Whether you are going through an Alabama divorce or a brutal child custody dispute, you believe that you might have experienced domestic violence.Adoption

Perhaps your fiancé slapped you in the middle of an argument, or maybe you suspect that your wife has been administering corporal punishment on your kids in secret.

Domestic violence charges are very serious, and the revelations can be quite embarrassing and scary to discuss. A victim may fear that, by going forward, he or she may risk getting hit again (or worse) in retaliation. Your safety – and the safety of your children and other vulnerable dependents – is priority number one.

If you are in danger, or if you suspect that you are in danger, call the police, and then call an experienced Alabama family law attorney immediately.

You may be hesitant to do so because, while you are scared and possibly humiliated, you also want to “protect” the assailant from having to go to jail and deal with the defense process.

That’s understandable, but if you have questions about the process — or if you are confused about your rights and potential options — please contact Board Certified Alabama family law attorney Jennifer Rose. She is an expert, and she can provide a totally confidential free consultation.

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