Why Does Domestic Violence Happen?

In the past several posts, we’ve been talking about domestic violence and its implications for Alabama divorce, child custody and other family law matters. But why do people commit domestic violence in the first place? Is it human nature to be violent towards one another? Has human society always been riven by violence? Will we ever, collectively, find a “cure” for the desire to hurt one another, physically and emotionally?safe and happy

These are deep questions, and obviously this blog is way too short to address them effectively. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of the bestselling book, Nonviolent Communication, suggests that violence is NOT innate to the human condition. Some pretty surprising anthropological research backs him up. For instance, in his book, Dr. Rosenberg describes a well-known native Polynesian tribe that is effectively free from violence and infighting, as we would understand those terms. And other anthropologists have catalogued similar kinds of encounters. In other words, even in the modern world, we can find evidence of human tribes and small cultures that do not have nearly the level of violence (domestic or otherwise) that we do.

These examples are diverse enough, both culturally and genetically, to suggest that something about the way we learn how to communicate is somehow “off.” That is: we are programmed to be more violent than our fundamental nature really is.

These philosophical and anthropological ideas notwithstanding, you have far more practical concerns. Whether you stand falsely accused of domestic violence, or someone hurt you or one of your children, contact attorney Jennifer Rose with the Rose Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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