3 Ways to Make Your Alabama Divorce Case Needlessly Complicated

Whether you’re on the verge of getting divorced, or you separated from your spouse weeks ago, you know that you eventually will need an attorney to help you. Whether you opt to retain someone who is Board Certified in Alabama family law, like Jennifer Rose at the Rose Law Group, or another lawyer, you need to manage yourself and your relationship with your representative. To avoid problems, avoid engaging in these three behaviors:Atty mtg

1. Lying to your lawyer.

You may be embarrassed by certain details of your personal life or your relationship. And you may understandably be reticent to talk about them. However, if you lie to your attorney – or fail to provide a complete accounting of key details – she will have a much harder time effectively representing your interests.

2. Acting in a reckless or egregious fashion.

Avoid committing obviously egregious acts, like abusing alcohol or drugs, quitting your job out of pique, or writing nasty emails, Facebook updates or Tweets. If you need help, seek the advice of a counselor. Don’t “act out” in ways that could jeopardize your ability to get a fair custody result.

3. Ignoring your attorney’s procedures.

Your attorney is on your side, but if you don’t listen to her instructions or advice — or fail to follow the rules and procedures of her office — the relationship could be challenged.

For help with your case, contact Jennifer Rose and her team today for a free consultation.

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