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Getting Healthy After a Alabama Divorce, Separation or Child Custody Battle – Part 7

Perhaps your spouse recently left you, because he decided that he wanted to move back with his high school girlfriend. Or maybe you broke up with your husband, because you are tired of the fact that he can’t bring home a paycheck and won’t get into counseling.

In either case, you may pick up bad health habits, as you pursue your options in your Alabama divorce, child custody or family law case. For instance, you might start to smoke again. Or, if you already smoke, you may smoke more cigarettes per day. If that’s the case, you obviously don’t need to be scolded (yet again) about the dangers of smoking.

But do you have alternatives?

Leaving aside the fact that nicotine is a highly addictive substance, you may simply crave the soothing experience of the ritual. Nicotine also serves as a weight loss drug, thanks to its effect on the central nervous system and its ability to regulate one of the main fat storing enzymes, lipoprotein lipase.

On the other hand, you obviously you want to minimize how many fine particulates you inhale into your lungs as well as how much ammonia and formaldehyde you consume through smoking. Consider talking to your doctor about alternatives, such as e-cigarettes (also known as “vaping) or nicotine patches.

And just appreciate that it can require a tremendous amount of energy to quit smoking, while working through the divorce process. So don’t burden yourself with overly high expectations. Keep it simple. What are one or two “big changes” you can make to stay healthy during a divorce? For instance, you may want to stop drinking soda and switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

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Getting Healthy After a Alabama Divorce, Separation or Child Custody Battle – Part 6

Here’s another key to adapting healthier habits of body and mind after an Alabama divorce: self-observation. Dating

What foods, activities, and types of relaxation make you feel good? Which ones sap your energy, make you gain weight, and create feelings of anhedonia (the opposite of “feeling good”)? Obviously, you can only extrapolate so far from your own experience.

You might feel “great” and full of energy immediately after you eat a chocolate chip cookie, but that does not mean that eating dozens of cookies will make you feel “great” over the long term. However, you can extract useful information from self-observation done consistently over time.

For instance, let’s say that you start taking fish oil pills in the morning, because you hear that omega 3 fatty acid supplementation can be beneficial. You might spend four weeks tracking health metrics before supplementation and then four weeks tracking your health and energy after supplementation. This can give you insight into your health and body, but be cautious. Self-experimentation is not really science, since you can’t control all factors that might matter. For instance, maybe during the month that you eat the fish oil, you come down with a cold. When you look at the data, it may look like the fish pills gave you “less energy,” but perhaps that low energy was an artifact of the cold.

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Getting Healthy After a Alabama Divorce, Separation or Child Custody Battle – Part 5

Many people who go through divorce in Alabama (and elsewhere) devolve into bad habits, including leading sedentary lives, eating bad food, and withdrawing from socialization.Lightbulb

But some people engage in just the opposite type of behavior. They instantly go to the gym more, get on new diets, and reach to rekindle old friendships and find new friendships. To a degree, this “rebounding” behavior can be quite healthy and useful.

However, when taken to extreme, this monomaniacal quest for reinvention can have its own negative consequences, both for your health and for your divorce outcome.

First of all, there is difference between a normal, disciplined quest for good health and a manic pursuit of extreme self-improvement. The millennials-old Hippocratic Oath instructs doctors: “first, do no harm.” This rule applies equally to patients. It may be “fun” and “novel” to do an extreme diet, like a “drink only lemon juice and cucumber water” cleanse. But you need to be careful, whenever you make diet changes. Work with your physician to track your numbers (e.g. your lipid panel) and make sure that you are not deficient in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins or nutrients.

This is not to say that you should not “get out there” and make positive changes. Rather, qualified professionals should monitor your progress and help you improve your health.

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Getting Healthy After a Alabama Divorce, Separation or Child Custody Battle – Part 4

When you get divorced in Alabama – or confront an achingly long, bureaucratic child custody dispute — you may want to stay inside and “not do anything.” Networking-woman

As we discussed in our posts about divorce and depression, this inclination towards introspection — towards “not wanting to do anything” — is perfectly normal and, to a degree, even healthy. However, it can have health repercussions, if you take it too far.

The human body, physiologically, needs exposure to sunlight and fresh air to function on an optimal level. It’s one of the reasons why many people in the north develop what’s known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) during the winter, when sunlight in the sky is scant. Lack of sun exerts a hormonal effect on the body, shutting down production of vital hormones, like vitamin D, and causing us to store more fat.

Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much time in the sun and get burned. But while too much exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer, research suggests that too little exposure to sunlight can also lead to skin cancer. In other words, the best science seems to suggest that you need a happy medium – some sun time, but not too much.

On a practical note, spending time outdoors in the sun can also prevent you from engaging in destructive habits, like spending hours surfing the internet or dwelling too much in your own thoughts and depression.

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